Sunday, March 25, 2012


   I deactivated my Facebook account this morning.  It said my account had been hacked, again, so that gave me the perfect excuse to leave.  Some "friends" jumped me a month or so ago, I left the secret group and only three people contacted me afterward.  It was obvious from some of the things they said that someone had been making some shit up because I had NEVER used terms like that, but when I tried to lay blame everyone came to my sister's defense.  I invited her to the group several years ago, I thought she could use some internet peeps.  She kind of took over, but I never had the feeling anyone didn't like me.  Some old shit came out from one person, way to hold a grudge.  So, I've only been on to check messages since and I got hacked so I'm out.  I am kind of grateful, I spend a lot more time with the fam now.  What's REALLY important.
   I'm still doing my nails like a maniac.  That's about all I can do now.  My new doc ordered MRIs and CTs and found two bulging discs in my neck and one in my lower back, along with several other pain causing things.  The vertebrae are now sitting on nerves in both places so we're going to do surgery asap, probably within the next three weeks.  Just the neck for now, once I recover from that we'll do the bottom half.  I can only hope it works, I'm so weak and tired and in pain.  I'm seeing a Rheumatologist now as well since my labs came up positive for some type of rheumatoid thing.  Eventually I'll feel like a human, right?
    We're also buying a house, or attempting to.  It's gorgeous, one story, 5 years old.  I love it and hope they get escrow started next week.  I hate to get surgery while so much is going on but I'm afraid of what will happen if I wait.  Arms tired, will write more later or tomorrow.  I have a lot to say :)

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