Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just some bulljunk

    I've been trying to write a post for a week or so, it's just too hard to get near the blog :(  There are so many things I want to talk about, but nothing makes sense for some reason.  It's like I have so many ideas for crafts and nails and things like that, I've been cruising sites and blogs and videos but I can't actually force myself to sit in my chair to do any of them.  I got acrylic nails put on so it's kind of hard to type on the lap top, my pc is dying, I've spent several weeks cleaning it up but it's just croaking.  I can't even get through all of the first page of FB before it bogs down an stops responding.  I know it's running another program in the background but I can't figure out what it is, it doesn't show up on the task manager.  I'd better go for now, my arms are already tired.  I have so many nail polish purchases I want to scream about, I've found another retailer in my area that has a great polish for $1, and good nail art brushes for a dollar as well.  My hair bleach is two dollars less than Sally's but the lady that works there is kind of a twat.  The dude is awesome but I could tell she was talking bad about me because she used two words I used right before she started acting like an ass.  I hate that, I really want to be nice to them, give them good reviews online and promote them on the blog and they're assholes to customers.
    OH!  I will give one little bit of dish:  I colored my hair pink and purple and people are so nice to me!  People stop me all the time to say how much they love it and my nail lady gave me a free bottle of China Glaze 3D that I'd never seen before!  Seriously, every retail person I come into contact with is super nice, but my shrink is a total ass.  It was so bizarre, typically he's awesome but he treated us totally different this time so I'm going to go for it and really piss him off next time.  I'm not putting up with a professional treating my kids poorly because my hair is a different color.  Imma mess that mutha up.  Ok, arms are jello, hope all is well with everyone.  Much love.

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