Monday, August 20, 2012

Things I have to share!

   All this time I should have been blogging this stuff, but I've been trying everything pinned at for months!  I wanted to come here to share some things I've found.

1)  Homemade Laundry Soap, NO GRATING INVOLVED!  I tried the recipe at first, but it wasn't getting the grease out of the clothes so I increased the amount of all of the ingredients and it works like a charm.  For pennies a load!  I use 4 Tablespoons each of Borax, Washing soda (NOT baking soda,) and Blue Dawn.  I pour those in a clean, empty milk jug, pour in 4 cups of very hot water to get them to dissolve but don't shake it too much or you'll just have a bubbly mess.  Lastly, fill the jug with cold water very slowly, like above, you don't want to lose all of your soap by bubbling up.  I use about 2/3 cup per load.  Then I throw them in the drier using my own version of fabric softener:  6 cups water, 3 cups White Vinegar and 2 cups of hair conditioner, I used some that was from the dollar store but it was good stuff!  I used half that so it would fit in my spray bottle. I cut up some old kitchen towels that you could see through, and spray twice each side before throwing in with wash.  Genius I tell you.  I use a lot of her recipes and tricks, you should definitely check her out.

2)  Last week I had a little booboo on the carpet with hot pink nail polish...I knew my hubby would come unglued so to google I went looking for something that would help and someone mentioned engine degreaser!  I use that stuff in the kitchen to cut through grease all the time.  I got some on a bit of old towel, rubbed furiously and by damn it came out!  We just moved into this house in May and there are several questionable stains on the carpet, rubbery even.  I tried the Super Clean, found in the automotive section, put some in a little coffee cup and grabbed my old cleaning toothbrush and wiped their asses out!  One problem: It makes the rest of the carpet look absolutely filthy by comparison!  So I'm going to try it, just a little, in our steam cleaner.

   That's it for now, the boy is nagging me to go somewhere.  Lots of love!

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