Sunday, April 1, 2012

White People Problems

  I'm yet again disgusted, perturbed and saddened by the things considered problems by people with privileges.  Privledges like running water, proper bathrooms, cars, electricity, clothes not handed down from 30 people.  It sickens me sometimes to just be cruising websites and hear people bitch that their cake didn't turn out right, even though they spent $80 on ingredients.  I spend plenty of money on bullshit too.  I have more nail polish that is right by human standards and my yarn stash is still pretty large, even though I have bought very much the latter half of last year.  I get mad at my family for acting like electronics are more important than our relationships are.  If we just took an eighth of the time we spend on websites obsessing over food, clothes, celebrities and gossip and directed it in a positive fashion I would be so proud.  If you can't volunteer somewhere just turn off the tv and spend time with your family, draw pictures and send them to a shelter somewhere.  Send your children's outgrown clothes to battered women's shelters or similar, they alllll need clothes.  Help your neighbor, just in case you need help some time.

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